Therapy, Coaching And Counseling at the ADHD Clinic of Arizona

ADHD Clinic of Arizona is pleased to announce that it is now offering Therapy, Coaching and Counseling services at its clinics, specially designed for ADHD patients both pediatric and adults.

Therapy/counseling can be a helpful and effective way to address distressing feelings, self-esteem, social skills, friendship and relationship development, school and academic challenges, behavior management, parenting, family conflict, stress reduction, self-harming behaviors, and anger management. We at the ADHD Clinic of Arizona believe that non-medication treatments, such as therapy, behavior therapy, and ADHD coaching, can play an important role in the treatment of ADHD and teach positive skills to help children meet their potential at home, at school, and in social relationships. Therapy/counseling can also be beneficial in providing guidance and support in dealing with daily stressors, and adjustment issues and life changes.

An ADHD Coach is also an essential aspect of the coping mechanism and support for ADHD patients trained to help patients to better manage their lives. Working with a “life coach” kids and adults can perform daily functions better and feel comfortable being more in control of most situations.

LaJuana Mitchell, MA, LPC-S is a Professional Counselor at the ADHD Clinic of Arizona. LaJuana completed her undergraduate studies at University of Michigan in Psychology with focus on counselling and a Masters in Clinical Counselling Psychology at Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She brings over 16 years of consulting with children and family services. LaJuana’s experience includes providing counsel and support for residential day cares, long term facilities, psychiatric hospitals, therapy and educational groups, children, adolescents, adults and family therapy. She incorporates counsel, education and coaching in her therapeutic approach.

Appointments: Please call the office to schedule your appointment with LaJuana Mitchell. Please note that Therapy Sessions will not billed to your insurance and will be billed as an out of pocket payment to patients that has to paid prior to the sessions.